About us

Piano tuningOur technician, Emmanuel (Manu), started his training in September 2001 working as an apprentice for a piano shop and workshop in the centre of Paris. This four years experience included tuning, voicing, regulating and also repairing pianos of  many different brands. He then continued his journey spending two months training in the renowned Schimmel Piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany. Being able to see how pianos were made was a very valuable experience as a technician, helping him to expand his knowledge and skills. He then applied for a job at the Yamaha European Distribution Centre in Belgium, preparing brand new Yamaha and Kemble pianos for dispatch to France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. After less than a year, Emmanuel was sent to Japan to the Yamaha Piano Technical Academy in Hamamatsu. The one month Grand Piano Course was a very challenging and rewarding experience but this was just the beginning of a fantastic journey as, a year later, Emmanuel was offered a position in the Yamaha Music UK branch, in Milton Keynes. This gave him the opportunity to broaden his field of work visiting customers, preparing pianos for events, concerts, competitions and recordings. During his eight years working at Yamaha Music UK, Emmanuel went twice to Japan and successfully completed the Grand Piano Master Course and Concert Piano Course. In 2014, he became an Instructor for the Yamaha European Piano Technical Academy, teaching tuning and regulation skills to Yamaha dealer’s technicians.

Technical education and training:
Hamamatsu, Japan January 12, 2012 – February 8, 2012
Grand Piano Master Course at the YAMAHA PIANO TECHNICAL ACADEMY
Hamamatsu, Japan; June 9, 2010 – July 6, 2010
Hamamatsu, Japan; February 14, 2006 – March 14, 2006
BMA “Diploma of the Trades of Art” at the ITEMM
Le Mans, France Grand Piano Apprenticeship 09/2003-08/2005
CAP “Vocational Training Certificate” at the ITEMM
Le Mans, France Upright Piano Apprenticeship 09/2001-08/2003

Concert and recording services:
James Mottram Piano Competition at the Royal Northern College of Music
Cyprien Katsaris at Wigmore Hall London
Cedric Tiberghien and Francois Frederic Guy – Recording for two pianos at the Henry Wood Hall London
Dudley Piano competition at the Symphony Hall Birmingham
Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe finals in Dublin
Nikolai Demidenko
Artur Pizarro